Stacia Kalinoski, writer and director of the Brainstorm video

It is with great pleasure that the International League Against Epilepsy is presenting the documentary Brainstorm through an agreement with the film’s writer and director, Stacia Kalinoski. This film presents the impact that epilepsy has on the lives of three people with the disease and on their families. Brainstorm has been presented on American public television and to patient and medical groups, and it has changed many people’s views about epilepsy and its consequences.

Stacia is pleased to offer Public Performance Rights (PPR) to non-profits, schools and universities, and corporations who want to host a public screening of Brainstorm. Federal Copyright Law requires a PPR to show a film in a public setting. Find more information about Brainstorm and on obtaining a DVD or streaming license with PPR.

Photosensitivity Warning

This film contains flashing lights that can trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.


Comments that Ms. Kalinoski has received from American and international viewers have included:

“It's a work very respectful of people with epilepsy, and at the end we see that the three people involved have lives going for themselves and they are doing well. So it is encouraging." (Italy)

"I stumbled upon your movie at 3am when I was unable to sleep due to stress from the possibility of losing my job. Within 5 minutes of watching, I was in tears. FINALLY I found a movie that puts EVERYTHING I have tried to explain to so many people throughout my life into a platform I can share. Everything feeling you described, I shared with you. Every tear that you shed, I shed with you.”

"Your documentary and the knowledge and personal stories shared have helped me learn even more. I will take this new knowledge with me into work from now on each day and I thank you.” (Neurology clinic employee)

We hope that you find this documentary as moving and valuable as we have at the ILAE.

Please feel free to let us and Ms. Kalinoski know your thoughts about this important insight into how epilepsy affects lives.

Edward Bertram
Secretary General, ILAE


More comments from viewers:

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"I came across your documentary and I want to say thank you. I am 45 and was diagnosed last year with temporal lobe epilepsy. I never understood what was happening to me, as my grand mals were always attributed to panic attacks or something else. As the stress of life and my position became more intense and I started to get more grand mals I was finally diagnosed. Your documentary was fantastic and I wish there was a way to educate more people about what it is to be an epileptic. Thank you". -- Belinda

"Stacia, your story is awesome and one to be shared all over! I share this fight and feeling with you as one who was lucky enough to make it through brain surgery after a horrible time fighting seizures and memory loss. . I now as well do my best to support and help others through Spreading HOPE Helping Other People with Epilepsy! I went through the Storm of having a seizure, losing all my memory and my ability to work. Having become seizure free I returned to work then got an opportunity to help people with all kinds of disabilities and now several years later I help people gain employment and coach them in their jobs, no matter the disability. Thank you for your video!" -- Gregg Rosenthal, USA

"Fantastic video. My wife Paula has Epilepsy. So much in the video rings true of our experience with Epilepsy -- the trepidation, the relentless return every time you think its gone and the way it stigmatises and isolates the Epilepsy sufferer. The statistics in comparison with more well publicised diseases of the brain were a real eye-opener. Congratulations to the producers, stars and ILAE for promoting a conversation society needs to have."  -- Lester Searle, Australia

"I was able to watch Brainstorm through for the first time on the ILAE web site. I live with epilepsy and have 3 sons who also were diagnosed with epilepsy. The documentary was superb! The only word I can think to describe it is INCREDIBLE! Your honesty, reality, personal knowledge & rarity is so very important in telling the story of not only what it's like to live with epilepsy, but what it's like to engage with life and epilepsy. One of the bravest & most significant things you did in the documentary was to face your own seizures - literally. Engaging fully in who we are is what enables us to fulfill the life God created us to have without fear. When Coach Kill was able to go from having a seizure disorder to having epilepsy, he walked through a door of self-acknowledgement that allowed him to shake off his fear. That is a significant message of your documentary. Your documentary is so very educational & informative - so spot on in helping to diminish the stigma & fear so prevalent. I hope it finds its way into schools, hospitals and other areas as an educational resource where it can be useful."  -- Loretta K. Boileau, USA

“Stacia, just watched your documentary Brainstorm and wanted to thank you. What an impactful and inspirational film. I too have adult epilepsy and unfortunately had to retire from the military I still love. I’ve been putting off the surgery in my left temporal lobe and the documentary has made me reconsider. I don’t share my epilepsy with anyone except my family. Bizarre, I’ve been in combat but afraid of the reaction when I shared with friends.”

"I have several sisters and family members who are afraid of me due to my epilepsy type seizures. They started about 15 years ago while I was still teaching. I am now 63 years old, and having \"spells\" about twice a month.
I saw your documentary while flipping through my local PBS channels (all three of them). For the first time, I realized that what I have is NOT weird or freaky, and there might be help for me.”

"I saw your program on PBS a couple nights ago. So much has flooded through my mind since. At age 9 my son Jonathan sustained a Tramatic Brain Injury. The nonstop seizures (brain storm) were relentless. He had surgery to stop the bleed. When I saw you see the EEG, my heart tore. It reminded me of Jonathan’s.”