Gruppo Famiglie Dravet ONLUS, Italy announces call for proposals for Dravet Syndrome research projects

Call for applications for research grants

19 January, 2021

Gruppo Famiglie Dravet ONLUS, Italy, a major non-profit italian lay organization dedicated to supporting basic and clinical research on Dravet syndrom, in partnership with Apoyo Dravet, Dravet Syndrom e.V, Dravet Syndrome UK, Stichting Dravet Syndroom Nederland/Vlaanderen, and Swiss Dravet Syndrome Association (SDSA), all members of the Dravet Syndrome European Federation, will make available funds for a two year research project aimed at understanding the pathogenesis of Dravet syndrome and at paving the way to new treatments that will ultimately lead to better quality of life for people with DS.

The budget requested can be made up to 125,000 Euros. International applicants are welcome.

Full text of the Call and the submission guidelines

Apply online: Deadline March 1 2021