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National Assembly of Korea approves special epilepsy budget

16 December, 2019

A special budget for epilepsy (3.7 million US$) in 2020 was finally approved by the National Assembly of Korea. This government budget for epilepsy is the first time in the history of the Korea government which was formed in 1948. It is great news and a Christmas present to people with epilepsy (PWE) in Korea.

The bill for Epilepsy Support Law will be judged in a special committee for a new law evaluation of the National Assembly in January 2020. This task is much more difficult than the epilepsy budget 2020. We are preparing for it now.

I have worked with all of you for achieving many goals for improving treatment and welfare of PWE in Korea. 

I really appreciate your strong support and sincere help for important epilepsy tasks of the Korean Epilepsy Society.

From Dr Seung Bong Hong, past president of the Korean Epilepsy Society