Climate Change Commission Survey

21 June, 2022

As part of the ILAE's continuing work on climate change and epilepsy, and with more temperature records being broken around the world, this is a good time to understand better the attitudes and concerns around climate change specifically amongst people with epilepsy, their carers and healthcare/research professionals.

Based on a government-run survey of a large sample of the UK population, the Climate Change Commission would like to make available the Climate change and the health of people with neurological conditions survey.

There is a group of researchers, including climate scientists, ready to analyse the data. The hope is that the results will inform sustainable, climate-sensitive strategies in epilepsy across the world.

The survey takes about 15 minutes. Please do feel free to circulate this also to other epilepsy charities with which you may work, your own teams and of course to complete it yourselves. We will feed the results back.