Seeking comments on new ILAE position paper

29 August, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The ILAE is asking for your comments on a paper about terms to describe epilepsy medications and treatments that has been prepared by the Nomenclature Task Force. The paper seeks to standardize the terms we use to identify the different types and goals of epilepsy treatments. These terms will become the League’s standards following your comments and final approval of the edited manuscript.

A key step in this process is opening up this manuscript for public comment from the many experts around the world that are part of our membership. Please review this paper and share with all of us your thoughts and whether changes should be considered. These comments will be posted on the website so that your thoughts can stimulate our colleagues to make additional comments and create a discussion within our community. At the end of the comment period, a special task force will review the comments and edit the manuscript accordingly.

DraftWhich terms should be used to describe medications used in the treatment of epilepsy? An ILAE position paper

The paper is open for public comments through 29 October 2022.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the implications of this paper and for sharing your thoughts, which are essential to the development of terms that we all can agree on.

Edward Bertram
Secretary General