Chapter Name: Azerbaijan League Against Epilepsy
Report By: President Professor Sharif Magalov, Secretary General Dr.Shahla Melikova


59 articles on topics related to epilepsy were published in 2017-2018

Summary of Activities:

Catamenial epilepsy, epilepsy in pregnant women have been studied. Study of epidemiology of epilepsy in different regions of Azerbaijan continues.
Participation at the Schools and Congresses on Epileptology.


Educational Activities include Schools on Epilepsy for patients with epilepsy and their relatives.

Future Plans:

Continuation of the study of epidemiology of epilepsy in different regions of Azerbaijan; study of etiological factors of epilepsy (epilepsy after stroke, traumatic epilepsy, epilepsy in neuroinfection, brain tumour related epilepsy), epilepsy in children, epilepsy in cerebral palsy, neonatal seizures.

Officer Election Date: June, 2018