Chapter Name: Swiss League against Epilepsy (Schweizerische Epilepsie-Liga / Ligue Suisse contre l’Epilepsie)
Report By: Report submitted by Dr. Julia Franke


Journal “Epileptologie” (Epileptology), publication four times a year, 50 - 70 pages each, with information about new developments in epilepsy research and treatment (for professionals, 1100 copies). Articles in English, German, or French with summaries in all three languages.

Topics 2017: Neurostimulation / Contemporary Issues in Pharmacotherapy of Epilepsy / Mortality in Epilepsy / Epilepsy Surgery in Children

Topics 2018: Genetics / Specialised offers for people with epilepsies in Switzerland / Dissocative seizures / Pharmacoresistant Epilepsies

Print newsletter “Epilepsie-News”, publication three times a year, 4 pages each, with information about our activities and about epilepsy (for donors and members, about 12.500 copies in German, about 3.000 copies in French and 2000 in Italian).

Future plans: “Epilepsie-News” will be discontinued for financial reasons.

Annual booklet on events in German and French (will be discontinued as well)

Annual report (German, French)

Continuing presence on Facebook

Monthly e-newsletter (about 8,000 German-speaking and 2,000 French-speaking recipients)

E-Newsletter for doctors (about 5-6 times per year)

Summary of Activities:

Annual meetings

Participation in different scientific events.

Summary of other activities in 2017 and 2018


Finances: The league is mainly financed by donations – membership fees, sponsoring, legacies and foundation are not sufficient to finance the operation and all projects. Until the end of 2016, an old contract guaranteed regular net donation receipts. After its expiration in 2017, the league hired a new fundraising partner, but success failed to materialize. With yet another fundraising specialist, net receipts and the number of donators are on the rise, but it will take a few years until the budget is balanced again – hence the austerity measures.

Future Plans:

Officer Election Date: Spring 2020