Chapter Spotlight: Iraq

Prof Abdul-Muttaleb Abdul-Kareem
Prof Abdul-Muttaleb Abdul-Kareem, President

The Iraqi League Against Epilepsy (IqLAE) is a national non-govermental organization of the ILAE for those medical personnel who are involved in the diagnosis, treatment and research in the field of Epileptology and composed of Neurologists, Neurophysiologists, Paediatricians, Paediatric neurologists, Neurosurgeons and Psychiatrists. IqLAE was first founded in 1999 at Neurosurgical Hospital-Baghdad. Among the founders are Prof Sarmed Alfahad (1st and Past President), Prof Abdul-muttaleb Abdul-Kareem (Past Vice President-Current President) and Dr Ghaieb Aljandeel (Past Treasurer-Current Vice President) with three other members constituting the 1st Executive committee. The first committee created the road-map for the function of the chapter and was active from 1999-2005. It was not active from 2006-2009 because of the unusual security situation.

Spotlight - Dr Ghaieb Aljandeel Vice President - Iraqi
Dr Ghaieb Aljandeel Vice President

It was rebuilt again in 2010 in Al-Kindi General Hospital with a new Executive Committee which is still active and composed of: Prof Abdul-Muttaleb Abdul-Kareem (president), Dr Ghaieb Aljandeel (Vice President), Prof Akram Almahdawi, Dr Mohammed Kamil, Prof Zaki Nooh, Dr Nebal Wail, Prof Hyder Hasson, Dr Adil Abdil-Illah and Dr Anwer Noori.

Specific Objectives

  • The dissemination and advancement of higher levels of knowledge concerning epilepsies among medical and paramedical personnel concerned with epilepsy in Iraq
    Raising the awareness about epilepsy in Iraqi society
  • Promoting national research in epilepsy
  • Developing and Organizing national guidelines and protocols for management of epilepsy
  • Collaborating with the regional chapters especially among CEMA, Commission of Eastern Mediterranean Affairs to promote global epilepsy awareness
  • Dealing with and fighting against the social stigma agaist epileptics encountered in oriental societies
  • The improvement of health care and the quality of life for persons with epilepsy

Regular Activities

  • Monthly Scientific Meetings held in one of the big hospitals in Baghdad, each time in a different place, discussing one or usually two subjects of practical value
  • Regular two-months symosia of one day duration held usually in Fridays (national holiday) in hotels or big restaurants discussing usually a group of subjects of different aspects of epileptology
  • Weekly regular lectures in Epileptology and EEG awareness, held in Baghdad Medical City for students and specialists in neurology, Neurophysiology and Paediatric Neurorology
  • Epilepsy out patient weekly clinics to ensure regular treatment and counselling
    • Baghdad Medical City
    • Baghdad Neuroscience Hospital
    • Mid Euphrates Neuroscience Centre
  • Video-EEG Monitoring at two governmental centres, Baghdad Medical City and Mid Euphrates Centre
  • Active participation in regional and international conferences for all members of the chapter
  • Annual Conferences of the chapter usually in collaboration with the Iraqi Neurologic Association
  • Making use of social media in regular posting of lectures and activities of the chapter

Future Plans

  • Develop a website for the chapter
  • Increase the number of members
  • Increase support by government and institutions
  • Collaborate with agencies and foreign institutions in training program and research.