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The Turkish Chapter of ILAE (Turk Epilepsi ile Savas Dernegi) was founded in 1973 in Istanbul where it is located. We have 444 active members, who are all medical doctors. The goal of the society is to promote basic and clinical research, to assure that relevant information is readily available to everyone who can use it, to create an interactive network of clinicians and basic scientists in the field of epilepsy, to participate in the creation of new knowledge and the process of establishing standards of care, to ensure the existence of sufficient medical facilities with well-trained professionals in Turkey.

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In the light of our goals, our chapter has been offering EEG courses since 2007 and holding seizure semiology meetings for the last four years. We have also been holding “Episkop Meetings” where cases are discussed for two years. The first national congress was held in 1998, and it has been repeated biannually ever since. The ninth and most recent congress was held in 2014 in Fethiye-Mugla with more than 400 participants. Best research papers both in clinical and basic sciences are given awards during the national congress. The chapter also organizes a symposium alternatingly with the congress and the last on “Treatment in Epilepsy” was recently held in Istanbul with 150 participants. The Chapter has been organizing monthly epilepsy meetings from October to April for more than 15 years with the participation of well-distinguished clinical and basic scientist expert in epilepsy.

Since 1995, “Epilepsi” journal of the Turkish League Against Epilepsy has been published three times a year with a supplement each year. The journal is bilingual, in Turkish and English, with open access via our website. Our website offers instantaneous linkage to a vast number of related resources not only to contribute to the rapidly expanding databases but also to provide efficient and effective information retrieval for medical doctors as well as patients. In line with the aims of our chapter, we intend to raise awareness about epilepsy in the society by also using the social media. The link for the Association of People with Epilepsy and their Carers is also found on our website. We have an active facebook page for both the society and the association with 621 and 1,692 followers, respectively.

The first international meeting was Mediterranean Epilepsy Congress which was held in 1994 in Istanbul. Since than many other international events have taken place and now we are looking forward for the 31st International Epilepsy Congress (IEC) in which will be organized in Istanbul on 5-9 September, 2015, a joined effort of International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE).The scientific programme of this congress will be innovative and engaging. We will be pleased to host our guests in Istanbul, which is the world’s only city to span two continents (Europe and Asia), and it has been a crossroads of trade, culture, learning, and art for over 8,500 years.

Chapter Contacts

Chapter website: 
Telephone-fax number: 90-212-5297780 
President: Naz Yeni:
Past President: Prof. Candan Gürses MD:
Vice President: Pr Nerses Bebek: 
Secretary General: Assoc. Prof. Kezban Aslan:
Treasurer: Prof. Ebru Aykutllu: 
Member: Prof. Zeki Gokcil MD: 
Board Members: Prof. Dr. F. İrsel Tezer, MD, PhD:; Prof. Dr. Kadriye Agan Yildirim MD;
Assoc Prof. Kemal Tutkavu, MD, MSc:

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