Asian and Oceanian Outstanding Achievement Epilepsy Award (AOEA) 2022

Dede Gunawan

Dr Dede Gunawan was born in 1940 in Sukabumi West Java Indonesia. He graduated as MD in 1967 and as a neurologist from Padjajaran University Bandung Indonesia in 1977 then became a teaching staff. In 1995-2001 he became the head of department of neurology. He is still active as a honorary lecturer.

From 1980, he directly engage in the Indonesian National Epilepsy Foundation ( PERPEI). He organised the First National Epilepsy Simposium in 1984, during the National Neurology/psychiatric/neurosurgery meeting in Medan, Sumatra Island Indonesia.

In 2001, he was asked by Prof Mahar Marjono (one of the founding member) to replace him in Asean Oceanian council. In 2002 he invited speakers from Asean and Japan in epilepsy Seminar in Bandung, Indonesia, next was known as the  the first ASEPA seminar. He was representative of the Indonesian ILAE Chapter from 2001-2011. He was elected as the chair of South East Asian Neurological Association in 2011.