Lifetime Achievement Award 2001

K. S. Mani

IBE/ILAE Awards and IBE/ILAE Award Winners

This award honours those persons with a record of achievement in work against epilepsy, and is the highest honour presented by IBE and ILAE.

Prof KS Mani was the co-founder of the Indian Epilepsy Association and had been Vice-President of IBE and Chairperson of the ILAE Commission on Developing Countries. He also played a major role in the description of epidemiology in India. Public education and the education of general practitioners was a major objective for him. Once convinced of the value of an objective, he was not easily deterred-it took twelve years to have a clause citing epilepsy as a disqualification for legal marriage in the Indian Marriage Act deleted. While Prof Mani was aware that he had been chosen to receive the award, following a short illness he died just before it was presented.