Social Accomplishment Award 2019

Carlos Acevedo

Carlos Acevedo has served several terms as President of the IBE chapter in Chile and is currently a member of its board. He has also served a number of terms on the board of the International Bureau of Epilepsy. including serving as Secretary General.

Under his leadership, the Chilean League Against Epilepsy became both a national and international recognized Institution
for its contribution for people with epilepsy and their families, through many initiatives, becoming a model for similar i nstitutions throughout Latin America and the world.

In the past number of years, he has devoted his efforts to the development and approval at the PAHO Assembly in Washington, in 2010, of the Strategic Plan of Epilepsy for America and the Caribbean, with ILAE and PAHO representatives. While he has been involved in the implementation of this major plan, he is also currently directing the WHO Collaborating Centre for Education and Service Development for People with Epilepsy at LICHE.