Publication Council


To work within the framework of the ILAE Strategic Plan and Mission to overview all ILAE publications and media products and make recommendations to the ILAE Executive Committee accordingly. These recommendations include, but are not limited to, strategies to enhance the quality, relevance and profile of ILAE publications, staying abreast of technical and publishing innovations, maintaining financial sustainability of ILAE publications, guiding policy for ILAE guidelines, recommendations, position papers and other reports. Members may be added as needed to meet the needs of the organization.

The Publication Council replaced the Publications Task Force.

Criteria for Appointment of Members and Chair and term limits

This is a special case of this organizational entity, whose composition is influenced by the appointments and terms of contract of the Editors-in-Chief of the League Journals. The mix of members allows for staggered terms because terms of editors may differ from those of the other members.  In addition to the process described under General Principles, the criteria for appointing Chair and Members are as follows:

  • Chair: The Chair will have served in the Publication Council during the previous term and is appointed by the ILAE President from among the Council Members in consultation with the Executive Committee. The term of the Chair will be four years plus two years as past chair and cannot serve more than one term as Chair.
  • Members: will consist of all the Editors in Chief of the ILAE Journals, including Wikipedia and Epigraph, the chair of the Communications Task Force, the chair of the Media & Web page Task Force, the chair of the Education Council, and a Liaison of the Management Committee appointed by the President. Regions not represented will be asked for recommendations. Members that are Editors-in-Chief will serve for the duration of their tenure as Editors-in-Chief. Members who are not Editors-in-Chief will serve for a maximum of four years and can only serve one term, unless appointed as Chair. All members will serve for one term only, unless appointed as Chair.


The Council makes decisions by email voting.

  1. For the council to be able to reach a decision, more than 50% of the council members must cast a vote (yes, no or abstain). The chair will make at least two requests for Council members to vote on a given question. If a quorum is not reached after two requests, a third and last request will be made.
  2. The decision will reflect the majority of the votes. In case of tie, the Chair’s vote makes the decision.

ILAE Journals and other Publications


The Council facilitates translations of select ILAE publications with support from the ILAE Chapters, as well as the newly founded College of Translators.


Updated 14 February 2023