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Genetic Literacy in Epilepsy Series (2016-2023)

Current practice in diagnostic genetic testing of the epilepsies, Epileptic Disorders (2022)

Genetic testing in the epilepsies: Report of the ILAE Genetics Commission, 2010


The Epilepsy Genetic Association Database (epiGAD) has been developed by a group of genetics researchers interested in epilepsy associated with genes. Much of the data is unpublished and thus not peer reviewed in the usual sense. The database is intended to be a tool for other researchers looking for "epilepsy genes." The ILAE is providing the link to this Web site because it may prove useful to our members and those who are searching for the causes of epilepsy. Although the League is supportive of this important endeavor, this database should not be viewed as an official position of the ILAE as the League has neither reviewed nor approved the contents. Posted May 2009. More about epiGAD