Neurotechnology in Epilepsy Section

ILAE Neurotechnology Section

This ILAE Section is in the process of being created. Below are proposed activities for the section, defined by a small group that is getting things started. It is hoped that many members will join and together will define the activities of the section in the future.

The Neurotechnology in Epilepsy Section is a global network of people interested in developing and using technology for epilepsy management, including but not limited to neural sensing, imaging, modeling, stimulation, interfacing, AI and informatics using bioengineering, mathematics, statistics, computer science. Examples are post-processing of EEG and MRI data, AI, wearables.  

What could the Neurotechnology Section do?

  • Develop communication platforms and resources for experts applying technology in the field of epilepsy: webpage on the ILAE site, workshops, symposia and teaching sessions at congresses, teaching courses outside the congresses
  • Help bridging the gap between clinicians and biomedical engineers: fora / workshops at congresses, educational material (epileptology for engineers; technology for physicians)
  • Help in making the technology available to resource poor settings
  • Promote data-sharing and open source software programs
  • Develop recommendations for designing and validating studies using neurotechnology in epilepsy
  • Promote implementation in clinical practice of validated novel technologies.
  • Represent epileptology / ILAE in other organizations / societies of biomedical engineering

Who can be part of the Neurotechnology Section?

  • Any type of professional interested in developing or applying neurotechnology in epilepsy.
  • Special appeal for:
    • Engineers, physicists, data scientists
    • Clinicians applying digital technology in their practice
  • Neurotechnology Section participants must be ILAE chapter members or ILAE individual international affiliates
  • No additional costs related to participation in the section

How can I get involved?

This new section is about to be founded. We plan our first meeting at the IEC in Dublin (September 2023).

If you register to join the Neurotechnology in Epilepsy Section before 30 September 2023, you will be registered as a founding participant!

Initial Steering Committee

Sandor Beniczky and Jean Gotman, co-chairs
Christian-George Benar, Mark Cook, Birgit Frauscher, Christophe Grova, Bin He, Brian Litt, Kaajal Parbhoo, Juan Pablo Princich and Eugen Trinka