10th Baltic Sea Summer School on Epilepsy

Trakai, Lithuania

5 - 10 June 2016

BSSSE 10 Trakai Group

The 10th edition of the popular annual Baltic Sea Summer School on Epilepsy, organized on behalf of several regional ILAE Chapters and under the auspices of the Commission on European Affairs by Prof. Peter Wolf, past ILAE President, together with Dr. Rūta Mameniškienė, Vilnius, took place in Trakai, Lithuania, from June 5-10, 2016. The Lithuanian League against Epilepsy was the host to 38 participants from 12 countries. At the end of a week of intense studies in close interaction with fellow students and a faculty including some of the best-proven teachers of the region, the participants again gave the course outstanding ratings (see report and evaluation). In the comparative evaluation of courses supported by the ILAE Commission on European Affairs in 2016, the BSSSE again received the top ratings (see 2016 Results of the CEA Course Evaluations). They particularly appreciated the interactive format, the introductory seminars on EEG and neuroimaging, and the case-oriented studies. They found the practical relevance of the course high to very high and estimated that they had gained much to very much new knowledge. One fourth found their expectations fulfilled and three fourths, exceeded. Nobody expressed any disappointment. 

BSSSE 10 Morning

To be accepted to the course, applicants had to submit and present own cases or research. Some found this quite challenging but at the end, they were happy for the experience of having their cases or projects discussed by a critical but supportive peer group and tutors.

More information by contacting Petra Novotny, Prof. Peter & Jytte Wolf Foundation for Epilepsy petra.novotny@wolfstiftung.org, and also under BSSSE10 on the foundation website www.epilepsiestiftung-wolf.de.