10th Migrating Course on Epilepsy

Course postponed

Reikartz Dworzec Lviv in Lviv, Ukraine

18 - 21 June 2020

ILAE Curriculum Learning Objectives addressed by this course

Due to the Corona virus pandemia the 10th Migrating Course in Lviv as originally scheduled in June 2020 will be postponed. Further details will be posted soon.


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Target audience

ILAE members, scientists, PhD, MD, specialists in epileptology, neurologists, psychiatrists, neurophysiologists, child neurologists, child psychiatrists, neurophysiologists who are interested in Epilepsy

Course directors

  • Silvio Basic (Croatia)
  • Meir Bialer (Israel)
  • Andrey Dubenko (Ukraine)

Local organizing committee

  • Andriy Dubenko
  • Tetyana Litovchenko
  • Volodymyr Kharytonov
  • Lidiya Mar’yenko
  • Nataliya Pryanykova


  • Eugen Trinka (Austria)
  • Silvio Basic (Croatia)
  • Meir Bialer (Israel)
  • Matthias Koepp (UK)
  • Ettore Beghi (Italy)
  • Nicola Spechio (Italy)
  • Andriy Dubenko (UA)
  • Volodymyr Smolanka (UA)
  • Volodymyr Kharytonov (UA)
  • Lidiya Mar’yenko (UA)
  • Tetyana Litovchenko (UA)
  • Konstantin Kostyuk (UA)
  • Liudmyla Tantsura (UA)