2020 Caucasian Summer School

Sheraton Plaza in Batumi, Georgia

24 September - 4 October 2020

ILAE Curriculum Learning Objectives addressed by this course

Endorsed by ILAE

The main goal of the Caucasian summer school is to improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of people with epilepsy living in Caucasian regions through the intensive and interactive trainings between trainees and trainers. The course will support training of postgraduates on epilepsy through organization of 4 day extensive summer school with participation of European and local authorities in the field of epilepsy. 


Paediatric/Adult neurologists from Caucasian region who wants to increase their knowledge in basic and clinical aspects on epileptology. We will choose doctors fluent in English to avoid difficulties of translation and for increasing interaction between trainers and trainees.

Limited to 40 participants from Geirgia, Amenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. Colleagues from Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova and other countries are also invited to participate


  1. Epidemiology of Epilepsies by age of people with epilepsy and their importance for epilepsy care management; treatment gap issue.
  2. Etiology of epilepsies - Chanellopathies and epilepsy; immature brain; genetics of epilepsy; Inflammation and epilepsy.
  3. Semiology of seizures, specificity of seizures in pediatric/adult/elderly population with epilepsy and their importance in diagnosis of epilepsy; imitators of epileptic seizures; management of first seizure.
  4. EEG/Video-EEG investigation – evaluation of the needs in pediatric/adult population suspected epilepsy.
  5. MRI-fMRI investigations - importance of the epilepsy protocol; evaluation of the needs for MRI-fMRI in pediatric/adult/elderly population suspected epilepsy
  6. Cognitive dysfunctions and psychiatric co-morbidity in people with epilepsy.
  7. Antiepileptic drug treatment – AEDs, treatment strategies by age of patients, drug-interactions (AED-AED, AED-non-AED), drug-monitoring, side-effects.
  8. Difficult to manage Epilepsies in children /adults/elderly;
  9. Management of Status Epilepticus in children/adults/elderly.

Organizing Committee

Chair: S. Kasradze;
Co- chairs: N.Tatishvili, M. Bialer and F.Vigevano
Members: M. Jibladze, T. Ediberidze, S. Tatishvili, one member from ALAE and AzLAE;