2nd International Course on PET and SEEG in Epilepsy Surgery

Bush House, King's College in London, UK

3 - 5 June 2020

Course Flyer

A 3-day course with lectures and practical sessions covering the principles of PET and SEEG in epilepsy surgery, with a focus on temporal, insular and frontal epilepsies. Topics include: Seizure semiology, principles of neurophysiology and intracranial telemetry, PET and SEEG interpretation, SEEG planning, surgical resection planning.

Lectures from an experienced international faculty cover the principles of PET and SEEG. Interactive case discussions where participants, in groups, review pre-surgical data and PET, and then plan the SEEG and subsequent resection, will provide practical learning experience of the application of PET and SEEG in epilepsy surgery.

Course organizers:

Dr. Nandini Mullatti, King’s College Hospital, London
Prof. Alexander Hammers, PET Imaging Centre, King’s College London
Prof. Francine Chassoux, Sainte Anne Hospital, Paris

Who should attend:

The course is aimed at epileptologists, neurosurgeons, nuclear medicine physicians,
pediatric neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuropsychiatrists

Places are limited so please register early!