4th International Video-EEG in Paediatric Epilepsies from Seizures to Syndromes

Madrid, Spain

10 - 12 September 2020

ILAE Curriculum Learning Objectives addressed by this course

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Epileptic syndromes (ES) in infancy, childhood and adolescence can be defined according to typical clinical epilepsy data, EEG features, and specific seizure types. Video-EEG constitutes the best tool for accurate early diagnosis of ES. Clinical practice of paediatric video-EEG requires specific skills, such as a working knowledge of paediatric EEG and electro-clinical semiology.

This course provides a transversal approach to the teaching of Paediatric Epileptology, by dealing equally with clinical and neurophysiological aspects, as well as subsequent clinical management. The objectives are both to review the classic descriptions of epileptic syndromes in infancy, childhood and adolescence, and to promote awareness of new advances in this field, while enabling attendees to make optimal use of video-EEG methodology

Learning Objectives

After completing this educational activity, participants will achieve the following goals:

  • To identify specific seizures and epileptic syndromes in infants, children and adolescents, according to clinical data and electro-clinical features studied by means of video-EEG
  • To recognize electro-clinical features that can suggest specific etiologies (genetic, inflammatory, structural) in certain clinical scenarios
  • To optimize the use of video-EEG recordings in the diagnostic work-up of infants, children and adolescents with epilepsy or suspicion of epilepsy, including appropriate design and interpretation of the studies at different ages and in diverse clinical contexts
  • To conduct early recognition of potential paediatric surgical candidates, and early referral for epilepsy surgery evaluation
  • To understand the principles of multimodal approach complementary to long-term video-EEG monitoring
  • To be aware of cutting-edge advances in Paediatric Epileptology

Target audience

Pediatric Neurologists, Epilepsy Fellows, Clinical Neurophysiologists, Neurologists, Residents in Pediatric Neurology and in Clinical Neurophysiology.

The course is limited to a maximum of 90 applicants. Deadline for application is 2 March 2020.

Course website: https://2020.videoeeg.es/