European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation 2019 (ECNR)

Budapest Congress Center in Budapest, Hungary

9 - 12 October 2019

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ECNR 2019 Flyer

The European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation 2019 in Budapest, Hungary, aims to keep the important dialogue between the countries in Europe, but also between colleagues from all over the world lively and flourishing. Our goal requires continuous research as well as collaborative projects in order to avoid permanent damage and disabilities as consequences of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases, accidents and injuries, or functional disorders. This congress of experts will provide transnational and interdisciplinary opportunities to learn from one another and include those findings into daily work practices.

Congress Presidents

László Vécsei
University of Szeged I Department of Neurology

László Csiba
University of Debrecen I Department of Neurology

Key Topics

  • From ICU back home – a coherent stream of neurorehabilitation
  • Impairment vs. compensation oriented approaches in stroke – when to
  • New vistas for education in neurorehabilitation in Europe
  • How much can patients do themselves – self training to augment effi cacy
  • The enigma of “proportional recovery” – impact for neurorehabilitation
  • New concepts for integration of nursing and therapy
  • Innovative strategies for neurorehabilitation trials
  • Which innovative technologies do we need
  • Virtual reality and serious games – useful or not
  • New horizons in translational neurology – from lab to bedside and beyond
  • New drugs for improving impairment on the horizon?
  • The rationales of cognitive training strategies
  • Learned non use in dysphagia
  • Impairment oriented training in perception
  • Is mild TBI a useful concept?
  • Advances in pediatric neurorehabilitation
  • Better use of IT tools
  • What do we really mean by “participation” – Is ICF a valid instrument?
  • From randomised trials to personalised medicine in neurorehabilitation
  • Smart and healthy living at home – a role for ICT
  • Impact of neurosensorial approach on recovery of cerebral connectivity
  • SIG meeting for the early mobilisation