Masterclass on Resistant Epilepsy (1)

Hotel Capitol in Bucharest, Romania

7 March 2019

Download Program for level 1 and level 2

The aim of the Masterclass is to create a functional network of Pediatric and Adult Neurologists in Romania to work together and discuss difficult cases, refer them to the centers of epilepsy evaluation, aiming the best and fastest therapeutic approach for each case and avoid unnecessary delays, or wrong choices and provide a favorable evolution of the cases with epilepsy.

The 2019 Masterclass on resistant epilepsy is a 2 step program (2019); it can be followed by unsolved case-discussions in the next years, 2 times per year: Download Program

  • The first part (7 March 2019), LEVEL 1 course, with basic and indispensable information on epilepsy and resistant epilepsy aims a correct epilepsy diagnosis and early recognition of intractability and also correct choice of the most appropriate and effective method of treatment for the resistant epilepsies, available today. Theoretical issues and case-based discussions will allow participants a good understanding of the current treatment methods and the right choice of each.
  • The second part (2 October 2019), LEVEL 2 course, with more advanced and refined details of treatment in refractory epilepsy will reveal the audience successes and pitfalls of each method starting from literature (theoretical part) and case-based discussions (practical part)