Ketogenic Diet -- and -- Neonatal Seizure Classification

23 October 2020,  17:00 - 19:00 Central European Time

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Ketogenic Diet

J. Helen Cross
Dr J. Helen Cross (UK)

Dr Boulenouar Mesraoua, moderator

Neonatal Seizure / Classification

Spotlight - Dr Ghaieb Aljandeel Vice President - Iraqi
Dr Ghaieb Aljandeel (Iraq)

Dr Reem Alyoubi, moderator


About the webinars

Schedule ILAE-EMR English Webinars (2020-2021)

On behalf of the ILAE Eastern Mediterranean Regional Board (ILAE-EMR), it is a great pleasure to announce a series of monthly webinars covering various subjects of epilepsy in our region in order to ensure continuity in dissemination of knowledge in our discipline and to encourage active participation of members from our region. The topics range from basic to advanced, from neonatal epilepsy to issues in the elderly, and have been chosen according to the needs of our region and suggestions from members of Chapters in the region. Each webinar will consist of two lectures (30 to 40 minutes each) delivered by experts in the field followed by questions and discussion (20 to 30 minutes after each lecture).

The webinars will be broadcast live on the date and time indicated in the program. For those who cannot attend the live webinars, it will be possible to view the webinars recorded on the ILAE-EMR website. Registration for each webinar session is necessary, and a certificate of participation will be issued to you upon completion of the evaluation survey.