Overcoming epilepsy stigma in Africa: Nursing perspectives

13 September 2023,  12:00 - 13:00 Coordinated Universal Time

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Despite many therapeutic advances over the past 200+ years, a legacy of outdated myths remains in public opinion and also among healthcare providers around the world. Ignorance and fear frequently contribute to hiding seizures and tolerating the condition. People particularly in low-income countries suffer considerable social and clinical disadvantage often linked to overcoming negative labels such as “epileptic”.  In this webinar we will hear how stigma manifests in Africa and learn about country specific educational approaches to counteract the negative impact of stigma on quality of life.

Topics & Speakers

  • Epilepsy Stigma in Africa - IBE Vice President Action Amos BA, MBA
  • Nursing initiatives to reduce stigma - Monicah Murrey RN, BSc (Nurs), KRCHN and Peter Kabemba RN

Moderator: Sandra Dewar PhD, RN

Organizer: Nursing Section

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