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The Nursing Section of ILAE is a global network of nurses who care for people with epilepsy.  Nurses may work in many different roles and settings that vary from region to region and in relation to economic, social, cultural, and racial/ethnic diversity. Despite diverse practice environments, the vision and needs of these nurses are similar. This Nursing Section will work to promote involvement of nurses from all nations in the care of people with epilepsy and in the work of the ILAE.

Epilepsy Curriculum for Nurses

The ILAE Nursing Section is developing a competency-based nursing curriculum that cuts across diverse health care systems and socio-economic settings. The curricula encompass domains, competencies and learning objectives for two groups of nurses:

  • A core set of competencies for any nurse.
  • Additional competencies for a nurse regularly working with people with epilepsy.

Please review the draft curriculum and give us suggestions on how it can be improved by completing the survey, also available in en español, en français, and em Português.


What does the Nursing Section do?

  • Develop a communication platform and resource for epilepsy nurses
  • Assess the learning and practice needs of epilepsy nurses worldwide
  • Develop standardized nursing education curricula that can be tailored to individual regions and practice settings
  • Promote nursing participation in ILAE councils, committees, task forces and commissions
  • Promote nursing participation in education of health care professionals and the public
  • Facilitate communication, knowledge sharing, professional development, and networking, among nursing and neurology/epilepsy professionals worldwide

Who can be part of the Nursing Section?

  • Any type of nurse may be involved with the Nursing Section
  • Nurses may work with individuals with epilepsy or families in an epilepsy center, neurology unit, hospital setting, outpatient departments, primary care, or community settings (such as schools, daycares, occupational health, residential programs, and more). Nurses may also work in epilepsy related academic settings, research, public health, or patient advocacy organizations.
  • Nurses who are ILAE chapter members or ILAE individual international affiliates

How can I get involved?