Epigraph Vol. 12 Issue 3, Summer 2010

Publication for Clinical Practitioners

With the kind permission of the World Federation of Neurology, we are pleased to make available to ILAE members, a publication from the WFN’s Seminars in Clinical Neurology series titled "Epilepsy: Global Issues for the Practicing Neurologist." This publication was chaired by Jerome Engel of the University of California at Los Angeles with a panel of international experts. The focus is on issues that are more commonly faced in the developing world, but this book also has broader application. You can also find this publication on the Web site of the WFN (http://www.wfneurology.org). The WFN site also has other publications in the Clinical Neurology series that you may find of interest.

Another publication that you may find of interest is the guidelines for epilepsy management published by the Indian Epilepsy Society, also available on the League’s Web site or the IES (http://www.epilepsyindia.org).

This announcement is provided as a service to the international epilepsy community to make our members aware of materials that may be of interest to them.

Edward H Bertram
Information Officer