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Sharp Waves episodes and transcripts

NEW! Cerebral amyloid angiopathy, seizures, and epilepsy: Dr. Brin Freund

Research recap: Modified Atkins diet and health-related quality of life - Dr. Magnhild Kverneland

Statins and epilepsy: Dr. Emilio Russo and Dr. Tony Marson

Caring for someone with functional seizures: Shannon Guinard's story

Circadian rhythms and epilepsy, Part II: Dr. Maxime Baud 

Circadian rhythms and epilepsy Part I: Dr. Mark Quigg

An update on SUDEP and SUDEP counseling: Dr. Suvasini Sharma

Artificial intelligence and epilepsy: Dr. Christian Bosselmann

Neurocysticercosis and epileptogenesis: Dr. Hector Garcia

How and why to address medication adherence: Dr. Avani Modi and Dr. Desiree Williford

Africa's plans for improving epilepsy care: Action Amos

Managing epilepsy in older adults: Dr. Loretta Piccenna and Dr. Rebecca O'Dwyer

Postpartum morbidity and mortality in women with epilepsy: A 28-year study

Moving epilepsy care closer to home: Dr. Gagandeep Singh and Dr. Meenakshi Sharma

Epilepsy care in Ukraine: Dr. Olha Tychkivska

Addressing epilepsy stigma from the ground up: Mary Secco

“Living with epilepsy should not be a secret”: Jessie Nyirenda

Sleep and epilepsy: Dr. Birgit Frauscher

Dr. Andres Kanner: A career in the psychiatric aspects of epilepsy

Multi-centre Epilepsy Lesion Detection (MELD) Project: Dr. Konrad Wagstyl

Career development profile: Dr. Caroline Neuray

NORSE/FIRES: International recommendations for diagnosis and treatment

Nursing in epilepsy care: Roles, value, and the road ahead

Research Recap: Medication effects on infant development

Alzheimer’s and epilepsy: Dr. Andrew Cole and Dr. Alice Lam

Career development profile: Dr. Meriem Bensalem-Owen

Autoimmune-associated epilepsy: Dr. Claude Steriade

Research Recap: Social deprivation and epilepsy incidence

Career development profile: Dr. Fábio Nascimento

New epilepsy syndrome classifications: Behind the scenes

Sex hormones and epilepsy: Dr. Andrew Herzog

Life as a medical student with epilepsy: A clinical and personal perspective

Epilepsy education for teachers: Creating epilepsy-smart schools in India

Epigenetics in epilepsy and the Michael Prize: Dr. Katja Kobow

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Dr. Page Pennell

"Why are there so many people?" - Seizures in the Canadian Arctic

Discovering new drugs for epilepsy: Dr. Karen Wilcox

Deep brain stimulation for epilepsy: Dr. Robert Fisher

The ketogenic diet for super-refractory status epilepticus

Knowledge is power: Increasing epilepsy awareness in Zambia

Epilepsy care in Zambia: “Now that we have neurologists, we will have a voice”