Neonatal Seizure Task Force

The ILAE's Pediatric Commission set up a task force to update the guidelines on neonatal seizures, which were published jointly by the WHO and the ILAE in 2012.

Seizures affect at least 2 / 1000 neonates. They often are signs of a severe acute health problem but also significantly contribute to morbidity and mortality of both term and preterm neonates.

The taskforce organized a workshop at the 2018 European Epilepsy Congress, bringing together pediatricans, epileptologists and neonatologists. Prof Linda de Vries from Utrecht (NL) gave an overview on the management of neonatal seizures highlighting the need for international guidelines. This was followed by Prof Jo Wilmshurst from Cape Town (SA) talking on the principles of guideline development and specific considerations for neonatal seizures. Dr Ronit Pressler from London (UK) and Dr Hans Hartmann from Hannover (GER) gave an update on the current guideline development. The need for further research in the field was further highlighted by case presentations and discussions given by Prof Martha Feucht from Vienna (AUT) and Prof Stéphane Auvin from Paris (FRA). Attached are the key slides from Prof de Vries' talk on neonatal seizures.


Why we need guidelines for neonatal seizures

Where are we in the update of the guidelines for neonatal seizures?