Brain - A Journal of Neurology

Epileptogenic effects of NMDAR antibodies in a passive transfer mouse model

Wright S, Hashemi K, Stasiak L, Bartram J, Lang B, Vincent A, Upton AL

Brain Sept 2015

NMDAR antibody encephalitis is characterized by psychiatric symptoms like psychosis, paranoia and violent behavior, and may be followed by seizures. This study was done to examine the epileptogenicity of NMDAR antibodies in C57BL/6 mice. Administration of the antibody (IgG) into the lateral ventricle by itself did not cause spontaneous seizures, but exacerbated susceptibility of acute seizures caused by PTZ. Immunohistochemistry to visualize bound IgG showed that levels of IgG bound to the left hippocampus were proportional to seizure severity. This suggests that the IgG binds to, and causes internalization of NMDARs in the hippocampus, possibly leading to enhanced acutes eizures in response to PTZ.


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