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Joint Statement on behalf of International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE)

4 March, 2022

IBE and ILAE work with, and on behalf of, all people with epilepsy – wherever they live in the world – to promote care and treatment, to improve understanding and inclusion, and to address discrimination in all its forms.

ILAE and IBE are concerned about the impact of the current situation in Ukraine on the availability of treatment and access to care for people with epilepsy in the region.

We also know that an increase in seizures and epilepsy is likely as a result of conflict related injuries, infectious disease outbreaks and a rise in premature and complex births.

Additionally, we are concerned about the rights of people with epilepsy who often face increased discrimination, exclusion, and stigma during times of crises.

ILAE and IBE call on authorities and humanitarian responders to ensure uninterrupted supplies of critical and life-saving anti-seizure medicines.

ILAE and IBE further urge all to respect the neutrality and sanctity of medical personnel and health facilities during this conflict.


ILAE and IBE are working with our National Chapters in the region to assess the current needs of people with epilepsy affected by this situation.

ILAE and IBE are in communication with global humanitarian partners to establish mechanisms to ensure continued supply of appropriate anti-seizure medicines and to raise awareness of the need to actively address any discrimination against people with epilepsy or their families.

We encourage our partners who may be able to provide assistance to people with epilepsy and those who care for them in Ukraine to get in touch and work with us on a coordinated response from our community.   


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