Epilepsia Open

Call for Submissions: Epilepsia Open® special issue

24 May, 2024

Journal: Epilepsia Open®

Title: Neurotechnology and Artificial Intelligence in Epilepsy

Guest Editors: Pedro F. Viana, Giulia Sofia Cereda, Jesus Servando Medel-Matus, Naoto Kuroda, Action Amos, Aristea Galanopoulou

Special Issue Information:

Cutting edge technologies have been transforming our ability to probe brain function, diagnose and treat neurological diseases. These include advanced neuroimaging approaches, neurophysiology and mobile devices. Moreover, novel tools based on artificial intelligence are rapidly being developed and are expected to significantly impact clinical practice.

Disorders such as epilepsy can particularly benefit from these technologies, given its complex differential diagnosis, its dynamic nature, the need for long-term monitoring and treatment, the unpredictable morbidity and mortality of seizures, frequent comorbidities and other wide personal to societal impacts of this disease.

The rapid maturation of these tools is coupled with significant challenges, from accurate reporting and interpretation of studies and rigorous clinical validation to patient preferences and acceptability, healthcare regulation and ethical implications, including considerations on equitable access.

The purpose of this special issue is to discuss the promise, needs and solutions for optimizing understanding, accessibility and implementation of neurotechnology tools and devices for epilepsy research and clinical care.

This special issue accepts original research articles, critical reviews and commentary articles. We welcome manuscripts which include the following sub-topics:

  • Standards for reporting neurotechnology and artificial intelligence studies
  • Clinical validation of neurotechnology and digital health monitoring systems in epilepsy
  • Mobile health devices in epilepsy
  • Remote monitoring technology in epilepsy
  • Advances in neuroimaging technology in epilepsy
  • Advances in electrophysiological monitoring in epilepsy
  • Novel neurotechnology tools, including devices, software, analytics
  • Ethics and regulation in AI applications in clinical practice in epileptology
  • Patient preference and acceptability of novel technologies
  • Personalized technologies in epilepsy

Keywords: Neurotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Epilepsy

Deadline for expression of interest to submit: 12 September 2024

Manuscript submission deadline: 31 December 2024

Important Note: All contributions will be subject to the journal’s editorial policies and APC charges. Authors interested in contributing should contact the guest editors at epilepsia-open@ilae.org.