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How can we support nurses caring for people with epilepsy?

26 August, 2022

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Dear Nursing Colleagues,

Across the globe, nurses have an important role in the care of people with epilepsy. The ILAE Nursing Section is committed to identifying and ensuring that the voices of nurses are heard. We need your help to understand the important needs of nurses caring for patients with epilepsy. We request you take 7-10 minutes to complete this survey. The survey is open to all nurses caring for people with epilepsy, including Nursing Section members and non-members. Therefore, the initial questions may be similar to those on the Nursing Section registration page.

Your participation is essential to help the ILAE Nursing Section focus on appropriate goals and priorities to support nurses worldwide.

Could you also encourage other nurses caring for people with epilepsy to participate in this survey?

  • Send this link to other nurses caring for people with epilepsy/families in your country!
  • You can also circulate this survey with other neuroscience nursing and epilepsy nursing organizations in your country to reach larger groups of nurses.
  • The survey deadline is 31 October 2022.

We appreciate your time and effort. Remember…

  • Complete this nursing survey now and forward it to your nursing friends and colleagues who work with people with epilepsy/families in some way.

We look forward to sharing the results and discussing how ILAE can help you and nurses in your region.