Chapter Name: Brazilian League of Epilepsy
Report By: Kette D Valente (President of the Brazilian League of Epilepsy)


Cannabidiol in Neurology- Brazilian Academy of Neurology (liaison with the Brazilian League of Epilepsy)

Chapter website:

Summary of Activities:

The Brazilian League of Epilepsy has conducted the activities listed below:


The major challenge of the Brazilian League of Epilepsy is to create educational strategies after the pandemic that can maintain quality and provide fast access to information using a well-structured site and social medias.

Future Plans:

The Brazilian League is launching a new and more dynamic site in February to support more interactive data. The League decided to maintain webinars every 15 days with other Educational activities to be released during the current year. These activities are characterized by Courses, Symposiums, and Case Discussion. The site will have interviews, podcasts, and newsletters that will provide fast access to relevant information that must be provided to the health care provider in charge of patients with epilepsy. The instagram account was modified with a content that is guided to health care providers. The twitter account was activated and is mainly used to provided fast track information to articles about epilepsy published in the main Journals of Epilepsy and activities released by the Brazilian League.

Additionally, the Brazilian League is creating the Consensus for the Treatment of Status Epilepticus and Consensus of Treatment of Epilepsy in Adults taking into account the antiseizure medication available in Brazil.

Officer Election Date: July 2022