Chapter Name: Lega Italiana Contro l'Epilessia - Italian ILAE Chapter
Report By: Laura Tassi vice-president


A New Epilepsy Guide and Epilepsy and Woman Guide were created and distributed.

Summary of Activities:

The new chapter was elected in 2017 June, during the national LICE congress in Rome.

At present Members are: 867

After the last election, the Chapter has established 12 Commissions, with the exception of the institutional ones, including:
1. Epilepsy surgery
2. Epilepsy and gender
3. Epilepsy and Internet
4. Pharmacology
5. Genetics
6. Guide Lines
7. Neuroimaging
8. New Syndromes
9. Status Epilepticus
10. Transition
11. Video Gallery
12. Educational

9 Task Forces have also been created:
1. Cannabis
2. Neonatal convulsion
3. Diet-therapy
4. Epilepsy and headhache
5. Epilepsy and Cerebral tumors
6. Dys-immune epilepsies
7. Narrative medicine
8. Neuropsychology (adula nd children)

Each committee or study group organizes meetings, guidelines, workshops and dissemination.

The website was completely renewed! A very active web site: is now available to all, and to the Members are dedicated many sections of education and VideoGallery.

A Clinical Video-Gallery with many difficult to solve or scholastic cases are available, including the clinical anamnestic history, the EEGs and the Neuroimages.

A very new Surgery Video Gallery was uploaded a few months ago, permitting also to neophytes to approaches with neurosurgical techniques, including electrodes implantation, surgical resections and disconnections. A link with ILAE Website would be really useful.

On the home page a banner linking to ILAE site “to be constantly up to date”

Every year the Chapter organizes a National Congress (in June) and a case discussion Meeting (in Rome, January).
RIUNIONE POLICENTRICA – annual meeting - Roma, 2018 January 25th – 26th
420 participants
ANNUAL NATIONAL CONGRESS 2018 Roma, June 6th – 8th
523 attendees of which 75 youth projects (free registration allowed)

The Chapter has set up 4 prizes for young people, of 2,500 euros, with which international courses will be paid that are held in Italy (San Servolo International Summer Course, Tagliacozzo International Course, Venice Stereo-EEG International Course).

With a three-year rotation organization, the LICE courses are Scheduled, free for members: Genetic, EEG and Neuroimaging.
• EEG COURSE Bologna, 2017 October 14th – 19th, 24 participants
• NEUROIMAGING COURSE (organized by the LICE Neuroimaging Commission) Bologna, 2018 October 7th – 10th, 70 participants
• GENETIC COURSE (organized by the LICE Genetic Commission) Milano, 2019 February 14th – 16th, 50 participants

The LICE Foundation collected last year enough to fund 4 projects of € 15,000 each, for a period of one year, dedicated to Chapter members.

Italy is subdivided in Regions. The Chapter created 3 independent Regions and 7 Macroregions, in which smaller regions are aggregated to larger regions. Each area has its own coordinator who is in charge of following the dissemination, of creating scientific events, of finding new members, of organizing the International Epilepsy Day.

A very new YES Section was created. Only members under 40 can participate. They have reserved elections, different rules, a dedicate space on the website, a set aside funding, a reserved workshop during the national congress.

The Italian translation of the new ILAE Classification of 2017 is almost complete


the Italian Chapter is doing dissemination, creating scientific events, finding new members, and organizing new events for the International Epilepsy Day.

Future Plans:

The Italian Chapter submitted the expression of interest in hosting the ECE in 2022 in Italy.

Officer Election Date: 2020 June