Chapter Name: Ligue Française contre l’épilepsie – ILAE French chapter
Report By: Stéphane Auvin for the Executive comittee and the President


Involvement for new French guidelines on epilepsy management with governmental agency (HAS)

Common statement with the French child neurology society on the use of generic antiseizure medications (bibliographic work, consensus discussion, writing of statements),

Summary of Activities:

Current Board of Directors: AUVIN Stéphane; NAVARRO Vincent; SZURHAJ William; MARTIN Benoit; DINKELACKER Vera;LE CRENN Séverine Toulouse; BRISSART Helène; JUNG Julien; DE SAINT MARTIN Anne; BULTEAU-PEYRIE Christine; LE GUERN Eric; NABBOUT Rima; CHASSAGNON Serge; DUPONT Sophie; RHEIMS Sylvain; TYVAERT Louise; PERRIOL Marie-Pierre; MRABET KHIARI Hela


Future Plans:

Officer Election Date: May 2021