Chapter Name: Ligue Francaise contre l'épilepsie
Report By: Board of Directors


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Summary of Activities:

LFCE progress report Nov 2017/Oct 2018

Members of the Board of Directors: Stéphane Auvin, Fabrice Bartholomei, Stephanie Baulac, Hélène Brissart, Serge Chassagnon, Philippe Derambure, Sophie Dupont, Edouard Hirsch, Virginie Lambrecq, Louis Maillard, Cécile Marchal, Benoit Martin, Renaud Michel, Vincent Navarro, Marie-Christine Picot, Marielle Prevos- Morgant, Sylvain Rheims, Philippe Ryvlin, Louise Tyvaert.

The LFCE Board of Directors met at the JFE in Marseilles, France in 2017, and then in May 2018 in Lyon, France.

1. The President's report

The President, Philippe Derambure highlighted:

2. Bureau

Since May 2018, between meetings of the Boards of Directors, the bureau consisting of:

3. Communication

Several points should be noted:

a) an active redesign of the LFCE website is underway to enhance the visibility of the LFCE and its actions, to provide a forum for the actions on epilepsy. The tender was handed to Expression santé. Three website sections, currently being drafted, were decided:

b) following the discontinuation of "Cahiers de l'Épilepsie" (Journal of the LFCE), articles related to oral communications selected from the JFE could be published in the "Revue Neurologique" (special issue or dossier according to the numbers of articles received). The applications have been made and accepted by the authors, we are awaiting the return of the articles (LFCE officials: Sylvain Rheims, heads of Revue Neurologique: Laurent Vercueil, Sophie Dupont)

c) scientific council: the grants: this year, 3 grants will be awarded, 11 files re- submitted, the oral assessment was made on 07/06/2018 in Lyon, France by a jury composed of scientific council members after a first assessment of the files. The three winners will be announced at the JFE.

d) Meetings:

4. Task Force:

Several meetings were held with Emmanuelle Alloneau-Roubertie, at the French Ministry of Health.
The HAS (French National Health Authority) mandated the LFCE to:

  1. Write a guide for the care management pathway for epilepsy (in association with the FFN (French Federation of Neurology), the CNAM (French national health insurance fund) and the HAS).
  2. Write a recommendation on the management of epilepsies in adults and children (the bibliographic referencing started)

5. Training

Several points:

6. International affairs:

As a reminder, E Trinka is the new European chair and Sam Wiebe is the new president of ILAE. The European Young Investigator Award was given to Sylvain Rheims, and E Perrucca received the life achievement award

7. Therapeutic education, nurse practitioner (IDE)

8. Neuropsychology guidelines

As a reminder, the aim is to harmonize practices in neuropsychological assessments performed during the surgical treatment. A working group was established and met twice during the JFE. It should initially work as recommended by the HAS for the recommendations of clinical practices but this was impossible due to the low level of evidence of the selected articles. Thus, another methodology will be implemented more in line with expert opinion. An additional budget of €12,000 was allocated for pursuing this task (2018-2019).

9. Financial report

The result of the JFE in Marseilles shows a larger surplus in the financial balance. The number of small partnerships rises during the JFE, but we bear in mind a reduction of the number of contributors, donations and an increase in meeting costs, website cost....


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Future Plans:

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