Chapter Name: Romanian Society Against Epilepsy (SRIE)
Report By: Dana Craiu, Romanian Chapter President



Summary of Activities:


7 FEB 2019: Workshop “Transition in Epilepsy”
Invited Speakers:: Eugen Trinka, Helen Cross, Sophia Varadkar, Anni Saarela, Dragoslav Sokic, Masa Malenica, Stanislav Groppa, Petia Dimova

7 MAR 2019: Masterclass de epilepsii rezistente (M1)
Invited speakers: Lieven Lagae, Zvonka Rener Primec

11-13 Jul 2019 East European Course of Epilepsy 5 - SRIE Summer School
speaker invitati:Silvio Basic (Croatia), Stanislav Groppa (Republic of Moldova), Anca Nica (Pasnicu) (France), Dragoslav Sokic (Serbia)

2 OCT 2019: Masterclass on resistant epilepsies (M2) –
Invited speaker: Massimiliano Boffini

13-16 NOV 2020: The XXVIIth Annual SRIE Conference


2020 – series of movies about epilepsy for patients and public with Sanatatea Group and published online

  1. Dana Craiu – first seizure – what to do:
  2. Dana Craiu, Ioana Mindruta: Epilepsy forum purpose: preparing the Epilepsy Day 2020: and
  3. Ioana Mindruta – about COVID 19 and epilepsy:

11 FEB 2020: Romanian Epilepsy Forum organized for Epilepsy Day
Huge meeting getting together the minister of health, the insurance system President, the chairs from the sennat and Deputy Chambers in the Parliament, the Chair of the Medical Commission of the Sennat and representatives from different patients epilepsy associations, sitting and discussing epilepsy problems together

28 MAR 2020 MEETING with Parent’s associatiation for Dravet - For Purple Day of Epilepsy – Discussing about Epilepsy and COVID19
(movie from Zoom attached)

4-7 Nov 2020 SRIE The XXVIIIth Annual SRIE Conference - all on-line

4 Nov - EEG for beginer physicians and Nurses course

5-7 Nov Conference SRIE
Invited speakers: Helen Cross , Monika Eiserman, Ingrid Scheffer, Tally Sagie, Johannes Lemke, Luca de Palma, Kees Braun, Lorella Minotti, Eugen Trinka


COVID 19 limitations 2020

Future Plans:

2021 PLANS

28 FEB: Rare disorders Day – EpiCARE center Obregia participation with talks

26 March – Purple day for epilepsy

Officer Election Date: Nov 2023