Chapter Name: Serbian League Against Epilepsy
Report By: Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Ristic, Chapter president and Assoc. Prof. Stevo Lukic, Chapter Vice president


Series of proceedings:

Summary of Activities:

11th Congress of Serbian Neurologists with international participation (Belgrade, November 24-26, 2017) included teaching courses and a number of sessions on epilepsies. Educational cycle of Epilepsy School courses:

19th Epilepsy School, September 2017 - 20th Epilepsy School, October 2018 - Participation with the Project of EURAP. Collaboration with a number of other national ILAE Chapters, especially with regional Leagues of Bulgaria, FYRM and Croatia.

Our National Chapter strongly promoted the regional collaboration and initiated some professional and scientific projects.


No activities of local IBE were recognized for years No activities in conjunction with local IBE. Chapter does not find that local IBE still exists.

Future Plans:

1. 21st Epilepsy School, Zlatibor, Serbia, October, 2019.
2. ILAE Migration Course Sabac, Serbia, September 2019
3. 12th Serbian Neurology Congress, Belgrade, November 2019.
4. Development and application of Seizure diary application for mobile devices.

Officer Election Date: 18-Dec-2018