Chapter Name: Slovenian ILAE Chapter
Report By: Natalija Krajnc, President


Stated in the report

Summary of Activities:

Slovenian ILAE Chapter has celebrated the 30th anniversary of its independent work in 2020; We have planned the ceremony and cultural event in Sept-2020 in association with the symposia »13th International postgraduate epilepsy school in the tradition of Ecole Pratique Jean Bancaud« but the event had to be cancelled due to pandemics (postponed to Sept-2021).

Lectures about epilepsy for laic community and patients:

Support with accompanying persons for patients referred for presurgical evaluation/epilepsy surgery abroad: The unique program started in 2005 and about 280 assistances were provided so far

Supporting self-help groups of patients:

Contact phone EPITEL:

Printed/media materials:

Events related to International Epilepsy Day:

Active participation in IBE Europe with our representative Ljubica Vrba.
Financial support for these activities is provided by donations, projects of Humanitary Foundation and Ministry of Health.


To continue the established activities of all programes, at he pandemics situation in virtual form more frequently as before

Future Plans:

To continue the established activities of all programes.

Officer Election Date: Mandate of our Executive board since 2018, 4 years