Chapter Name: Ukrainian League Against Epilepsy
Report By: Andriy Dubenko


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ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation

  1. ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation: A practical clinical definition of epilepsy (Fischer et al 2014
  2. ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation: Operational classification of seizure types by the ILAE (Fischer et al 2017
  3. ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation: Instruction manual for the ILAE 2017 operational classification of seizure types
  4. ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation: ILAE classification of the epilepsies (Scheffer et al 2017
  5. ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation: A definition and classification of status epilepticus (Trinka et al 2015
  6. ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation: Recommendations for the use of structural magnetic resonance imaging in the care of patients with epilepsy: A consensus report from the International League Against Epilepsy Neuroimaging
  7. ILAE documents in original and Ukrainian translation: Minimum requirements for the diagnosis of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: A staged approach A report from the International League Against Epilepsy Nonepileptic Seizures Task Force

Summary of Activities:

  1. Educational course EEG & Epilepsy, ILAE Endorsed, March, 1-2, 2019, Kyiv (offline; 2 days; 8 reports; 100 participants; international participation)
  2. XXIII Scientific-practical conference of ULAE with international participation«Actual Issues in Terms of Pathomorphosis of Epilepsy» MAY 16-18, 2019. Odesa (offline; 3 days; 45 reports; 300 participants; international participation)
  3. XXIV ULAE conference with international participation "25 years of the Ukrainian League Against Epilepsy - achievements of domestic epileptology. October 29-31. 2020.Vinnytsia - Kyiv – Kharkiv. (online/offline; 3 days; 35 reports; 658 participants; international participation)
  4. Webinar "Epilepsy in the Elderly" 21.04.2020 (online; 2 hours; 2 reports; 726 participants)
  5. Webinar "Treatment of Epilepsy after Surgery" 5.05.2020 (online; 2,5 hours; 3 reports; 874 participants)
  6. Webinar "Features of Management of Patients in a COVID-19 Pandemic" 12.05.2020 (online; 2,5 hours; 2 reports; 424 participants)
  7. Webinar "Psychiatric Aspects of Epilepsy" 19.05.2020 (online; 2,5 hours; 2 reports; 627 participants)
  8. Webinar "Epilepsy in Women" 2.06.2020(online; 2,5 hours; 2 reports; 546 participants)
  9. Webinar "The First Seizure, what to do" 16.06.2020(online; 2,5 hours; 2 reports; 647 participants)
  10. Webinar "New Molecule of AED (Zonisamide) in Ukraine" 23.06.2020(online; 2,5 hours; 2 reports; 658 participants)
  11. Webinar "Epilepsy in Childhood and Adolescents" 30.06.2020(online; 2,5 hours; 2 reports; 540 participants)
  12. Webinar "EEG and MRI in the Diagnosis of Epilepsy and the Choice of Managements Tactics" 7.07.2020(online; 2,5 hours; 2 reports; 641 participants)
  13. Webinar "Possibilities of surgical treatment of pharmaco-resistant Epilepsy" 15.09.2020(online; 3 hours; 4 reports; 212 participants)
  14. Webinar "Possibilities of laboratory diagnosis of epilepsy" 20.10.2020(online; 2 hours; 2 reports; 376 participants)
  15. Webinar "Sleeping disorders and epilepsy - differential diagnosis and comorbidity" 10.11.2020(online; 2 hours; 2 reports; 597 participants)
  16. Webinar "Mental disorders in children with epilepsy" 24.11.2020(online; 2 hours; 2 reports; 597 participants)
  17. Webinar "Clinical picture of epileptic seizures in children (video presentation)" 22.12.2020 (online; 2 hours; 2 reports; 410 participants)
  18. Started together work with EpiNet group in May, 2020


  1. Webinar "Clinical picture of epileptic seizures in adults (with video presentation)" 19.01.2021 (online)
  2. Webinar "Infectious lesions of the nervous system and epilepsy in children and adults" 2.02.2021 (online)
  3. Webinar "Nonepileptic seizures in patients with epilepsy. The view of a neurologist and psychiatrist" 16.02.2021 (online)
  4. Webinar "Drug-resistant epilepsy" 2021 (online)
  5. Webinar "Epilepsy in focal cortical dysplasia" 2021(online)
  6. Webinar "Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment, remission in epilepsy, cancellation of AED, resolution of epilepsy" 2021(online)
  7. XXV ULAE conferences with international participation "Evolution of the epilepsy from birth to elderly". April 22-24, 2021. Uzhgorod (offline/online)
  8. Webinar"Definition, classification, diagnosis and treatment of status epilepticus" 2021 (online)
  9. Webinar"Development of possibilities of surgical treatment of epilepsy in Ukraine" 2021 (online)
  10. Webinar"Simulators of epileptic seizures with video presentation" 2021 (online)
  11. Webinar"Hormonal and metabolic disorders in epilepsy in men" 2021 (online)
  12. Webinar"Epilepsy and depression" 2021(online)
  13. Webinar"Epileptic psychoses" 2021 (online)
  14. Webinar"Epileptic seizures in infants (or the first year of life) with a video presentation (Use information "the new classification of neonatal seizures")" 2021 (online)
  15. Webinar"Compliance of patients with epilepsy and objective and subjective reasons patients' reluctance to treatment" 2021 (online)
  16. Webinar"Epileptic encephalopathies of early childhood" 2021 (online)
  17. Webinar"The role of EEG in the diagnosis of epilepsy, assessment of treatment quality, determination of therapeutic tactics" (online) 2021
  18. Webinar"Epilepsy in mesial temporal sclerosis" (online) 2021
  19. Educational course EEG&MRI,ILAE course, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021/2022 (offline, postponed)
  20. 10th Migrating Course on Epilepsy, ILAEcourse, Lviv, Ukraine, 2021/2022 (offline postponed)
  21. Continue with translation ILAE documents into Ukrainian

Future Plans:

Officer Elections:

Within XXV ULAE conferences with international participation "Evolution of the epilepsy from birth to elderly", April 22-24, 2021, Uzhgorod planned in combine format offline/online. Otherwise in case situation will not allow us to hold offline part of the meeting – election will be hold online later in 2021

Officer Election Date: 2021