Chapter Spotlight: China

The China Association Against Epilepsy (CAAE) was founded in June 2005. CAAE is a national non-governmental, non-profit organization composed of epileptologists, other professionals, and people who are interested and/or working at epilepsy treatment, prevention, research and care; including people with epilepsy and their family members and local epilepsy-related organizations.

CAAE Board subcommittees:

  1. CAAE Committee on Patients' Interests (CCPI)
  2. CAAE Committee of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (CCTSC)
  3. CAAE Committee of “Epilepsy Center” Development (CCECD)
  4. CAAE Youth Committee (CYC). Currently there are 6 thousand of registered members in CAAE. Nineteen provinces have established their own province-level association against epilepsy.
Spotlight - Epilepsy care public service symbol created by CAAE, 2015 - China
Epilepsy care public service symbol created by CAAE, 2015

The 3rd executive council of CAAE was elected in December 2014. Prof. Shichuo Li was elected as the honorary president, Prof. Zhen Hong was elected as the president. Vice presidents are Liwen Wu, Jiong Qin, Weiping Liao, Guoming Luan, Dong Zhou, Yuping Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Bo Xiao, Xiaoyan Liu, Yi Wang, Wenqing Zhao. The secretary general is Ms. Hui Zhang.

The secretary office of CAAE is located in Beijing China. Contact information:

Room 5102, Building 2, No.135, Xiwai Avenue
Xicheng district, Beijing, 100044
Telephone: 86-10-65250423, 86-10-68308546; Fax: 86-10-65143125

Spotlight - CAAE Journal of Epilepsy founded 2015 - China
CAAE Journal of Epilepsy founded 2015

Mission of the CAAE:

Complying with the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, observing social moral and prevailing customs, conserving national and people's benefits, promoting economic development and social progress, widely unite with the professionals and people who are interested and/or working at epilepsy treatment, prevention, research and care, to strive to the development of epilepsy prevention and control in China.

Recent activities

In the past 10 years, CAAE has conducted a large number of activities including:

  1. holding domestic and international academic exchange and cooperation related to epileptology;
  2. providing training for epileptology related professionals to improve their ability to diagnose and treat epilepsy, especially for primary healthcare workers in resource-poor provinces;
  3. publishing professional and popular science of epilepsy books and journals;
  4. establishing epilepsy-related specific funding to promote the research capacity of epileptologists;
  5. publicity, education, and popularization of the knowledge on epilepsy prevention and control; consultative service to people with epilepsy, their family members and society concerning knowledge of epilepsy prevention and control; information about medical facilities and experts, rehabilitation, employment, education, etc;
  6. promotion, coordination, and regularization of the work of epilepsy prevention, control and scientific research;
  7. promoting and protecting legal rights of people with epilepsy, consulting with government for related policy decisions; and
  8. providing the bases for clinical trials of anti-epileptic drugs, nationally and internationally