ILAE-Asia and Oceania

About Us

Aims of the CAOA

To develop, stimulate and coordinate epileptology initiatives in the Asian and Oceanian regions.

Missions of CAOA & ASEPA

  1. To advance and disseminate knowledge concerning the epilepsies throughout the Asian & Oceanian region;
  2. To improve education and training in the field of the epilepsies in Asia via the activities of the Asian Epilepsy Academy;
  3. To organize the Asian Oceanian Epilepsy Congresses together with the International Director of Meetings (IDM) and IBE’s Regional Executive Committees;
  4. To facilitate clinically relevant epilepsy research in Asia;
  5. To serve as a link between ILAE, IBE, WHO and regional medical organizations to promote prevention, diagnosis, treatment, advocacy and care for all persons suffering from these disorders in the Asian and Oceanian region;
  6. To promote the activities of local chapters, coordinate policies and administrative structures and facilitate their involvement within the global ILAE agenda
  7. To review epilepsy services and the size of the treatment gap in each country and aim to improve the former and reduce the latter