ILAE-Latin America

About Us


  1. To provide and promote epilepsy education and research with excellence, quality, efficient and humanistic approach for medical and non-medical professionals in Latin America
  2. To coordinate academic activities among the ILAE Latin America Region chapters
  3. To improve the health care of people with epilepsy in Latin America


  • The Latin American Academy of Epilepsy (Academia Latino Americana de Epilepsia, ALADE), founded on 12 February 2007, in São Paulo Brazil.
  • Latin American Summer School on Epilepsy (LASSE).
  • Successful Latin American Epilepsy Congresses in Guatemala (2006), Montevideo (2008), Cartagena (2010), Quito (2012).
  • Creation of the Epilepsy Surgery Sub-commission.
  • Successful Global Campaign regional activities.
  • Establishing a Collaborative work with the ILAE North American Commission.
  • Epilepsy Strategic Plan For The Americas, Collaborative work with PAHO, November 2012.

Recommendations for future work:

  1. Continuous support to the Latin American Epilepsy Academy (ALADE) and the regional educational activities.
  2. LASSE as an important educational activity.
  3. Improve basic and epidemiological research.
  4. Improve the epilepsy care in Latin America.

Prof. Marco T. Medina, Dr Manuel Campos (Chair), Dr. Patricia Braga, Dr Eduardo Barragan, Dr Franz Chaves-Sell, Dr Alejandro Scaramelli, Dr Beatriz Gonzalez, Dr Salvador Gonzalez, Dr Silvia Kochen