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Image of invitation to the WHA side event "Epilepsy: A public health priority"
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Epilepsy: A Public Health Priority

This WHA Side event will bring together policy makers, NGOs, patients, health care leaders and Member States to develop next steps for implementing Resolution WHA68.20. Ministries of Health from different WHO regions will identify the underlying systemic issues that affect access to universal health care (UHC) and essential medicines for persons with epilepsy in their regions. The newly crafted Global Epilepsy report will be presented, and key directions for an Epilepsy Action Plan will be identified. The speakers will address the barriers to epilepsy care, make recommendations to strengthen systems and practices, and issue a call for urgent action by all key stakeholders nationally and internationally.

14 May, 2019
Fernando Lopes da Silva
World News

In memoriam: Fernando Lopes da Silva

We have just learned that professor Fernando Lopes da Silva died on May 7 at the age of 84. Prof Lopes da Silva was a neuroscientist and teacher of unique caliber, loved by his students and collaborators, who contributed enormously to our understanding of epilepsy. Most of his scientific career took place in the Netherlands, in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

6 May, 2019
Colin David Binnie
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In memoriam: Colin David Binnie (1938-2019)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Prof. Colin David Binnie, clinical neurophysiologist, on 21st March 2019. Colin had a long and distinguished career in clinical neurophysiology. Colin played a major role in a number of early phase drug studies, notably the early studies of Lamotrigine and developed the model of photosensitivity as a method for acute single dose efficacy studies of potential AEDs. Also he was active as initiator or participant in a number of international projects in the fields of computer assisted spike detection and digital EEG.

9 May, 2019
Neurology Journal
Clinical Research

Evaluation of seizure treatment in anti-LGI1, anti-NMDAR, and anti-GABABR encephalitis

Epilepsy after resolved encephalitis was rare in our cohort of patients with AIE treated with immunotherapy. In addition, seizure freedom is achieved faster and more frequently after immunotherapy. Therefore, AEDs should be considered as add-on treatment, and similar to treatment of other encephalitis symptoms, immunotherapy is crucial.

6 May, 2019