Commission on Classification and Terminology

The ILAE Commission on Classification and Terminology strives to continually review definitions of seizure types, syndromes, and epilepsy aetiologies, aligned to the latest developments in this field. This is a dynamic process, with the definition, classification and organization of these entities changing as new light is shed on the subject through research and through advances in technology and pharmacotherapy. Nonetheless, definitions, classifications and organizations need to be conceptually sound and clinically meaningful. In addition, they have to translate across the many different languages in which they may be used, and work in a variety of different health care settings and in different media.

In this section of the ILAE website, we present the recent work of the ILAE Commission on Classification and Terminology:

Definition of Epilepsy 2014

Organization of the Epilepsies 2013

Revised terminology and concepts for organization of seizures and epilepsies 2010

The full document is the report published in Epilepsia. The Summary of the organization of seizure types and syndromes 2010
This 2-page summary is designed to be used as a clinical tool when seeing patients to facilitate use of the new organization in clinical practice.