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On the ILAE Website - ILAE On-Line Discussion Group launched in February 2006

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After more than a year of research and planning, in February the ILAE launched an on-line Discussion Group for the exclusive use of its members. This internet-based Discussion Group is a communication forum for the exchange of ideas among ILAE members in the field of epilepsy. Participants can post new questions and/or respond to the posts of others, and we encourage discussion topics on any epilepsy related topic (patient care, research, professional issues, job postings etc).

To use the Discussion Group for the first time, members should log onto the ILAE home page. There is a simple registration process, and the mechanics of the Group are expressly designed so that even those with modest email/internet facilities will have complete and easy access. The site will be moderated by an epileptologist (Andrew Wilner, MD). Instructions for use are found on the website.Feedback from those who try the site is welcomed. Please direct any comments or questions to Cheryl-Ann Tubby at ctubby@ilae.org.

We hope the ILAE Discussion Group becomes an important and widely-used service for the ILAE. It can be informative and fun – please try and enjoy it!

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Simon Shorvon, ILAE Information Officer