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About Epileptic Disorders

Epileptic Disorders 2018 no.2

Epileptic Disorders is the educational E-journal of the International League Against Epilepsy. It publishes articles that are not only concerned with the clinical manifestations of epilepsy, but also all aspects of diagnosis, natural history and management of seizure disorders, including neurophysiological, imaging and other ancillary techniques. A major feature of the E-journal is the publication of accompanying video material.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the E-journal, Epileptic Disorders is undergoing a change. Firstly, the journal will be available only as an online version. Secondly, this is accompanied by an increase in the number of issues per year, from four to six, to ensure regular diffusion of recently published material to serve the global medical community that cares for those affected by epilepsy.

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Online version only:

Mission: Create educational links between epileptologists and other health professionals in clinical practice and scientists or physicians in research-based institutions.

Target readership: Physicians and other health professionals involved in the diagnosis, management and care of persons with epilepsy

Target authorship: Experts in any epilepsy-related domain who can provide the reader with manuscripts of outstanding educational value to enhance optimal epilepsy care and research

Types of articles

Special features

Epileptic Disorders is the League's educational E-journal, a forum where colleagues can share their experiences. A principal goal is to translate active research and League recommendations into day-to-day practice such that terms and definitions have real meaning.