Commission on Eastern Mediterranean Affairs



Ketogenic Diet Workshop for Infants with Intractable Epilepsy (Iraq)
Report by Dr Nebal Waill

Commission activities in 2012

North Africa and Middle East Epilepsy Journal (NAMEEJ):

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First issue of the NAMEEJ: Journal of the leagues and associations of the East Mediterranean region of the IBE and ILAE. Topics include Unilateral polymicrogyria, Sociocultural dimension of epilepsy in Mali, Epilepsy in the Gambia: Attitudes in the Developing World, as well as a calendar of events. Bi-lingual publication in French and English. 

Commission activities in 2008

  • Epilepsy Course on TLE, Jeddah, January 2008
  • Epilepsy course Cairo Egypt 12 February 2008
  • Epilepsy course Tripoli, Libya 22-24 February 2008
  • EEG course in Jeddah March 20-22, 2008
  • Epilepsy course Tunis, Tunisia 27-28 March 2008
  • Epilepsy course Sanaa, Yemen 20 April 2008
  • Epilepsy Course Muscat 21 May 2008
  • Epilepsy course pediatric Riyadh 22-24 November 2008

Commission activities in 2009

  • EEG Course Cairo Egypt 15-16 Jan 2009
  • Epilepsy course Sanaa Yemen March 5th 2009
  • Pediatric epilepsy course Alexandria Egypt 23-25 April 2009