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  • Promotes new ways to involve early career healthcare workers and scientists interested in epilepsy, in YES initiatives.
  • Serves as a bridge to help new participants learn how to move around the different YES activities and communication platforms.

Outgoing leader: Ruta Yardi
New leader
: Stuart Smith


  • Promotes epilepsy knowledge and conscience around the globe, with a vast offer of activities aimed for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.
  • Creates opportunities to collaborate in advocacy projects at a national and international level.

Outgoing leader: Manuela Ochoa
New leader: Aleksandra Volkova

Education & Publications

  • Coordinates and disseminates an online database of appropriate training options for clinicians and basic scientists worldwide and the available funding options. Besides courses, the Task Force maintains a list of available, open positions in the field of epilepsy.
  • Facilitates access to education materials for clinicians that are non-epilepsy specialists. This involves peer mentoring and career development sessions, as well as epilepsy education curriculum, study resources, and course overviews.
  • Seeks to highlight the works and expertise of YES participants in the form of written material. Recent activities included the YES Wikipedia Initiative, where young epilepsy professionals wrote on a topic of their choice and curated current Wikipedia content on epilepsy.

Outgoing leaders: Christina Giavasi, Nadia Khan and Victoria Gruber 
New leader: Jaiver Macea

Communications & Interactive Media

  • Facilitates and supports communication amongst participants and works to promote YES initiatives globally. The Task Force publishes a quarterly newsletter and maintains the ILAE-YES website and works in collaboration with regional groups to support conference activities.
  • Works to inform, educate, and enrich the general and specialist public about epilepsy content, reaching people of all world regions and languages. This is facilitated through the publication and translation of content across social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Outgoing leader: Alina Ivaniuk
New leader: Parthvi Ravat


  • Coordinates and supports YES activities at international, regional and subregional conferences.
  • With educational and scientific contents that are programmed independently, the Task Force is coordinating YES event schedules and planning out conference activities, such as networking events, sporting events and hospital/lab visits.

Outgoing leader: Caroline Neuray
New leader: Ching Soong Khoo


  • Promotes research-oriented activities, junior-level collaborations, and strategies to enhance early-career funding.
  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of the translational database and scientific exchanges on the ILAE-YES website (scientific, clinical, industry), as well as the YES4Wiki-initiative.

Outgoing leader: Gary Brennan
New leader: Naoto Kuroda