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Welcome to the ILAE Young Epilepsy Section! To join ILAE-YES, please complete the registration form (below) and note the following:

  1. We need your consent for processing data on ILAE-YES is following the example of other ILAE sections and task forces by using This will allow for better data protection and processing.
  2. We want our members to confirm active membership with an ILAE chapter. Active ILAE membership is a prerequisite for all ILAE-YES participants.
  3. We request your year of birth to accurately identify who can be active and vote within the organisation.
  4. The registration includes an optional question on gender identity. We have included this question to improve the board's understanding of gender balance within ILAE-YES on a global and regional level.
  5. We want to quickly identify and communicate with active members who want to work with ILAE-YES task forces.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact

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